Recruiting for a Successful OBGYN Hospitalist Program

Here are six areas in which a successful OBGYN hospitalist program should have regarding the recruiting of their hospitalist related employees:

1. Recruit clinically excellent physicians

Successful OBGYN hospitalist candidates must be experienced, clinically excellent physicians who practice evidence-based state-of-the-art medicine.

2. Need to be team players

Being a hospitalist team player means not only being flexible between each other and not dumping on each other, but also working with the larger hospital team of nurses, OR staff, and all the ancillary personnel.

3. Positive attitude, desire to be helpful

The hospitalist’s role is one of a service provider, which is a different skill set than a private OBGYN. In general, their answer is “yes” when they are asked to do something by either a private practitioner or one of the nurses.

4. Not lazy or just staying in the call room

A successful hospitalist is not lazy, they have a desire to help so they don’t just hide in the call room; they are out on the floor teaching, anticipating problems, helping ensure protocols are followed, and keeping a leadership presence.

5. Respect private practitioners

They understand private practitioners have different priorities than they do. They respect that. Part of their job is to support the privates and “have their back.”

6. Billing and coding

They understand that they need to help their hospital administration have financial viability. They want to bill and code to the highest degree possible with accuracy, completeness, and honesty.