OBGYN Hospitalist Consulting resources for hospitals, physicians, and hospitalists


Here is a free PowerPoint download of a general PPT presentation you can use for your OBGYN hospitalist program:

General Powerpoint-OBGYN Hospitalists 7.29.15


This is a free PDF download of our Brochure

OBGYNHC-Brochure 6.29.15


Free White Paper–6 Questions Asked by an Actual Hospital Client with Answers

See page here



What is an OBGYN Hospitalist?

6 Tips for Physician Recruiting for OBGYN Hospitalists and Hospitalist Programs

Common Hospital OBGYN Problems & Hospitalist Solutions


Let us know if there are other resources you need–we may be able to help!

FYI: These fileshare / file share free resources are for you to download free. Let us know if there is a Powerpoint presentation you need help with, resources for hospitals, resources for hospitalists, obgyn / ob gyn, or ob, ob ed, obgyn hospitalist program, or other downloadable obgyn hospitalist consulting materials.

Rob Olson, MD, FACOG is a hospitalist. Dr Olson is also one of the top consultants for hospitalists in the US.

Free files, free documents, shared resources, and other shared documents will be put on this page as they become available.

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