New hospitalist program implementation plans, Improvement plans for existing current programs, Obstetrical Emergency department (OB ED) implementation plans.

I offer a broad range of consulting services. First of all, I am sincere in that I enjoy answering questions and discussing OBGYN hospitalists, so call me if you have any issues or questions.

In general, I offer three types of consulting:

1) New program implementation plans
2) Improvement plans for existing current programs
3) Obstetrical Emergency department (OB ED) implementation plans

Plans can be custom tailored to your specific situation and all plans include:

  • An on-site visit.
  • Meetings with key personnel.
  • Data and information analysis.
  • A comprehensive report with recommendations and alternatives.
  • Hospitalist programs can be adapted and designed to meet specific hospital wants/needs/requirements.
  • Programs can be implemented through a part time model, in phases, or as a full program.
  • Full implementation timelines vary from 4-12 months, depending on approvals, recruitment, establishment of policies and procedures, training and other considerations. Contact us for an example implementation schedule.

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OBGYNHC-Brochure 6.29.15


Have questions or concerns about:

Services hospitalist related?
Troubled hospitalist program?
Need hospitalist program?
Create hospitalist plans for your hospital
Form hospitalist criteria
Help hire for a vacant hospitalist job
New hospitalist program
Improve hospitalist program or improve program already in existence
Obstetrical emergency / OB ED / OB ED department
Improve labor and delivery department
First for women’s safety, pregnancy and labor assistance for women in labor
V-bac birth and emergency birth
Hospital program that helps nurses and reduces malpractice includes hospitalist programs
Rob Olson is the top hospitalist consultant in the US and runs his own hospitalist consulting company

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